Automobile Audi Q5 Crossover 2.0 TFSI Tiptronic quattro (180 hp) Base
(8R [restyling] 2012-2017)


  • [base] Electric power steering with variable effort steering wheel
  • [base] Leather steering wheel design "4 spokes"
  • [base] Headlight washers
  • [base] Power external rear view mirrors heated (left – aspheric, right – convex)
  • [base] Electric tailgate
  • [add] Leather sports steering wheel, 3-spoke design with contrasting stitching thread
  • [add] Sports leather steering wheel, design "3 needles"
  • [add] Multifunction leather steering wheel design "4 spokes"
  • [add] Rain sensor
  • [add] Power adjustable lumbar support in front seat backrests (Ergomatic)
  • [add] Keyless Entry: the system of remote electronic identification keys

Climate and heated:

  • [base] Climate control
  • [add] Climate control with individual settings for three zones of the salon
  • [add] Lighting ducts
  • [add] Comfortable front seats with a ventilation system


  • [base] Memory for 30 stations
  • [base] Control concept similar MMI
  • [base] Adaptation of volume levels depending on vehicle speed
  • [base] Slot for reading data SDHC
  • [base] AUX-IN socket
  • [base] Audi Sound System
  • [base] CD player
  • [base] Support MP3, WMA
  • [base] The driver information system with monochrome display
  • [base] Color 6.5" TFT high-resolution display
  • [add] Navigation system with hard drive
  • [add] MMI Navigation plus
  • [add] Hard drive for storing audio and video information
  • [add] Sound System Symphony
  • [add] Support AAC and MPEG-4
  • [add] 2 slots for memory cards
  • [add] With three radio tuner and antenna
  • [add] Subwoofer
  • [add] Bang & Olufsen Sound System
  • [add] 6 channel amplifier
  • [add] 10 channel amplifier
  • [add] Total power 180 W
  • [add] The total power of 505 watts
  • [add] 13 speakers
  • [add] 10 speakers
  • [add] CD changer for 6 CDs
  • [add] DVD players
  • [add] Color 7" TFT high resolution display
  • [add] The driver information system with color display

Security systems:

  • [base] Central locking with remote control

Passive safety:

  • [base] Front airbags
  • [base] Side airbags front, including airbags for the head
  • [add] Airbag System
  • [add] Additional protection of the edges of the trunk from high quality steel

Active safety and suspension:

  • [base] Parking sensors rear
  • [add] Adaptive cruise control
  • [add] Audi drive select: the mode selection of controllability, dynamics and ride comfort
  • [add] Audi active lane assist: Assistant conservation lanes
  • [add] Audi lane assist: Assistant conservation lanes
  • [add] Audi side assist: Assistant rebuild


  • [base] Mirror housings in body color
  • [base] Black moldings
  • [base] Rails for roof rack (rails), shiny
  • [base] Side mirrors with integrated led turn indicators
  • [base] Rear spoiler
  • [base] Alloy wheels 17", 7 spokes
  • [add] Front and rear bumpers in Offroad design
  • [add] The lower part of the front and rear bumper, as well as the external lining on the door sills in body color
  • [add] Protective pads stainless steel front and rear bumpers
  • [add] Contrasting lacquered
  • [add] Diffuser in Platinum grey
  • [add] Rails for roof rack (rails), black
  • [add] Paint finishes Audi Exclusive - Color Individual
  • [add] The inscription S line on the front fenders
  • [add] Body painting mother - of-Pearl color for selection
  • [add] Exterior - Metallic paint, color of choice
  • [add] Full body painting
  • [add] Body painting - the Color Gray, pearl (Daytona grey)
  • [add] Outer scuff plates door sport style
  • [add] Scuff plates with the inscription S line
  • [add] Thresholds for doors Audi exclusive
  • [add] Lining on doors in design Offroad
  • [add] Metal trim swim trunk
  • [add] Decorative moldings around the perimeter of the window openings, shiny
  • [add] Side grille in sporty style
  • [add] Front and rear bumpers in sports design
  • [add] Rear diffuser in sporty style
  • [add] Dilators of wheel arches in the design Offroad
  • [add] The side air intakes in the design Offroad
  • [add] Panoramic roof: the system covers electric
  • [add] Heat-shielding glazing with tinting the rear Windows
  • [add] Alloy wheels 18", design 10-spoke V, 8J x 18 with tires 235/60 R18
  • [add] Alloy wheels 17", 6 sleeveless design, 8J x 17 with tires 235/65 R17
  • [add] Alloy wheels, Audi exclusive 20", design 7-twin-spoke
  • [add] Alloy wheels, Audi exclusive 20", design 5-twin-spoke design, Offroad
  • [add] Alloy wheels, Audi exclusive 20", design 10-spoke dual
  • [add] Alloy wheels, Audi exclusive 19" design 5 spokes
  • [add] Alloy wheels, Audi exclusive 20", design 5 segment-spoke, titan
  • [add] Alloy wheels, Audi exclusive 20", design 5 segment-spoke
  • [add] Alloy wheels 19", 5 sleeveless design, partly polished, size 8J x 19 with tires 235/55 R19
  • [add] Alloy wheels 19", design 5 sleeveless Star, 8J x 19 with tires 235/55 R19
  • [add] Alloy wheels 20", design 5 sleeves, anthracite, partly polished, size 8.5 J x 20 with tires 255/45 R20
  • [add] Alloy wheels 18", design 5 spoke V
  • [add] Alloy wheels, Audi exclusive 19" design 5 sleeveless Offroad


  • [base] Bi-xenon headlights
  • [base] Led tail lamps (rear position lamps, stop lamps, fog lights, blinkers)
  • [base] Fog lights
  • [base] Electrocorrection of the headlight range control with automatic stabilization system
  • [base] Daytime running lights (DRL)
  • [add] Adaptive road lighting (adaptive light)
  • [add] The light sensor
  • [add] Shift assistant beam
  • [add] Lighting legroom front and rear
  • [add] Entry light
  • [add] Lights in the doors
  • [add] Highlighting toilet mirrors in the sun visors


  • [base] The headliner cloth
  • [base] Aluminum inserts
  • [base] Upholstery cloth Havanna
  • [base] Folding the rear seat backrest
  • [base] Armrest, front
  • [add] The headliner fabric, black
  • [add] The headliner material Alcantara
  • [add] The headliner material Alcantara, black
  • [add] Interior leather
  • [add] The sides of the seats and the head restraints of seats with contrasting piping and stitching color in the middle part of the seats
  • [add] Trim in black color
  • [add] Interior door skin to the color of the middle part of the seats
  • [add] Finish the visor of the instrument panel on the driver side in black leather with contrasting thread
  • [add] Front sports seats
  • [add] Decorative inserts, brushed aluminium
  • [add] Inlays, walnut
  • [add] Decorative inlays, ash, brown
  • [add] Inlays Audi exclusive, black piano lacquer
  • [add] Inlays, the ship's oak Beaufort
  • [add] Combination upholstery material Alcantara/Leather
  • [add] Upholstery leather seats Feinnappa
  • [add] Upholstery Milano leather (standard)
  • [add] Upholstery leather seats Milano
  • [add] Upholstery leather seats Feinnappa two colors (Audi exclusive line)
  • [add] Upholstery Milano leather (sport)
  • [add] The standard front seats
  • [add] Folding the front passenger seat
  • [add] Finish gear levers with stitching contrast thread
  • [add] Boxing
  • [add] Armrests in the doors, made in leather with contrasting thread
  • [add] The 12V outlet
  • [add] Floor mats with colored edging
  • [add] 2 cupholders


  • [base] Compact spare tire
  • [base] Jack
  • [base] Tools set

Automobile Audi Q5 Crossover 2.0 TFSI Tiptronic quattro (180 hp) Base (8R [restyling] 2012-2017)

photo Car Audi Q5 offroad
photo Car Audi Q5 offroad


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